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Institutional Assessment Committee

Function:  The Institutional Assessment Committee (IAC) is responsible for monitoring the university’s compliance with the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Assessment Policy, as well as the assessment policies of the Higher Learning Commission: A Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The committee will:

  • recommend policies and procedures to appropriate governing agencies (e.g., the Faculty Senate, administrative officers, faculty committees) on the efficacy of assessment for programs as well as the broader university culture;
  • review assessment plans and reports for the academic and student life programs to monitor the culture of student learning at the university;
  • monitor and review the assessments of entry–level students, General Education, academic programs, student satisfaction, graduates, and student life at the university.

The committee will be comprised of the Director of Assessment (ex officio), two faculty members from the School of Arts & Sciences, one faculty member from the School of Education & Behavioral Science, one faculty member from the School of Business, one at-large faculty member (rotated through the schools), one librarian, one student representative, and one representative from the Staff Association. There should be no more than one faculty member from a given academic department. (APPM 3.5)