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Organized Research and Program Review Committee

The responsibility of this committee will be:

  1. To set and amend policy with regard to disbursement of Organized Research funding. Review applications twice a year or more depending on special circumstances to make recommendations for funding to the Office for Academic Affairs. Continually review and analyze the effectiveness of the Organized Research Grant program.
  2. To review, evaluate, and make recommendations about academic programs as they are formally reviewed in the program review process. Specific functions of this committee will be to:
    1. conduct a preliminary editorial review of each program self– study report,
    2. review the resumes of prospective consultants and participate in any decision to initiate an evaluation of a program by peer–reviewers from other institutions,
    3. review the external evaluation report,
    4. evaluate the program self–study report, peruse both sets of recommendations deemed appropriate by the Committee,
    5. conduct conferences with the department, if needed, to clarify any discrepancies in the program review recommendations,
    6. resolve any differences (when possible) between the departmental and consultant recommendations, or issue a third party report, and
    7. prepare a final report of the Committee recommendations for each program and submit it to the Office for Academic Affairs (APPM 3.5)

For the policy on ORPRC membership, see APPM 3.5