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SE Alert System

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Contacting Campus Police

Phone: 580.745.2727
Campus Extension: Dial 2727
On-Campus emergency: 2911 or 911

Police call boxes are located strategically across campus. Campus Police Office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is located at the corner of 3rd & University.

What is the SE Alert System? Open Close

The SE Alert System is an emergency alert system that is designed to notify faculty, staff, students, and others who install the app of emergencies that warrant immediate notification. The system uses SMS text messages, automated phone calls, voice mails, smartphone-app-based alerts, emails, social media updates, and web-site updates to send emergency alert messages to Southeastern’s faculty, staff, students, and others.

Students, faculty, staff, and others can improve their interaction with our alert system by downloading the Campus Shield app from their phone service provider’s app-store. The Campus Shield app, which requires location services to be activated on the phone, provides an immediate method of alerting emergency services with an in-app “GET HELP” button which upon activation by the user automatically calls emergency services. By downloading and making an account on the app, individuals can access a campus map, access a non-emergency reporting tools, access emergency procedures for the University, and update their contact information so that they receive SE Alerts to their most up-to-date phone numbers and email addresses. The Campus Shield app also has a “FriendWatch” feature described below.

How does the “Get Help” button work? Open Close

Through the use of the global positioning systems (GPS), as well as an indoor positioning system (IPS), Campus Shield is able to provide Campus Police with an accurate location of the user even if they are inside of a building. This also allows the app to use the GPS location to track the user to determine whether on or off campus and will call 911 when off campus.

How does the geolocation feature work? Open Close

The Campus Shield app uses location based technology including the phone’s GPS in an attempt to identify a physical location when you activate the “Get Help” button. It is important to know that in order for Campus Police to receive the best possible location information, you should be logged in to the University’s Wi-Fi.

How can I file a non-emergency report? Open Close

There are several methods of alerting the University to criminal or other misconduct. The Campus Shield app used by the University provides a feature called iReport within the app. iReport provides a way for members of the community to send non-emergency reports to Campus Police right from their smartphones with the added ability to upload photos and video to accompany the report. Reports made this way may also be made anonymously.

Other non-emergency reporting methods include submitting a student conduct incident report to the University’s student conduct coordinator at this link: maxient incident reporting form

and what else?

When will the system be used and will I get more “SPAM” messages because of this? Open Close

The SE Alert system will be used only for imminent emergencies on campus and tested periodically.

Will the system be used for severe weather alerts? Open Close

The SE Alert system will not be generally used for severe weather alerts. An exception would be if community weather alert systems are not functioning (e.g. storm sirens), or if the campus had sustained weather related damage and is not safe.

How is this system different from my SE email account? Open Close

The SE Alert system is able to send messages to most cell phones and also “text-to-speech” messages to regular phones. The alerts originate from off campus and are not dependent upon SE campus email systems. The system also updates social media sites and the university website.

How do students, faculty, and staff update their information? Open Close

Download the CampusShield (with no spaces in the title) app on your smartphone via one of the links above or by searching “CampusShield” in your service provider’s app-store. The app is free to download and allows you to create a user profile complete with various contact information including your preferred email and phone number for SE Alerts. Additionally, students, faculty, and staff should keep their contact information updated with the registrar or human resources if their contact information ever changes. This is especially important if you do not intend to download the CampusShield app.

Is there a way to “opt-out” of this system? Open Close

No. All Southeastern students, staff, and faculty are eventually added to the system each semester. The Campus Shield app is optional for other campus constituents such as family, visitors, and others.

Should I add phone numbers and email addresses other than my own? Open Close

Adding numbers other than yours is optional; however, the SE Alert system is designed primarily to alert the individuals that are in the immediate vicinity of an impending emergency or an emergency in progress. Adding the numbers of other individuals could create additional strain on the wireless networks, telephone systems, and emergency personnel responding to an incident.

Is my private data loaded on the system? Open Close

No information other than emergency contact information will be loaded into the SE Alert System, other than what you enter on your own into your Campus Shield app. Your student or employee id number and SSN are not loaded into the system.

What is the FriendWatch feature? Open Close

Friend Watch is a peer to peer way to look after your friends. This feature allows users to create an alert by including information about location and description of activity, and start a timer for how long it would take. At the end of the time period, if the user hasn’t pressed the OK button, an alert would be sent to the user’s emergency contact. The emergency contact would then be able to check on their friend or contact Campus Police.

I have other questions about the system not answered here. Who should I call? Open Close

Please call the Southeastern helpdesk for general questions about the system at 580-745-2408.

Are there other emergency systems I should know about? Open Close

Members of the Durant and Bryan county community may consider “liking ” the Durant/Bryan County Emergency Management page on FaceBook as well as subscribing to their alert system which information can be found here: http://www.durantemergencymgt.org/.

Additionally, community members sometimes install and monitor the “5-0 Radio” app that can be used to monitor local emergency management radio frequencies.