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Southeastern graduate business students earn top rankings in global competition banner

Southeastern graduate business students earn top rankings in global competition

July 6, 2021

Graduate students in Dr. Luci Parmer’s class this summer at Southeastern Oklahoma State University participated in a competitive global project to see how they stacked with students around the world.

And the results were quite impressive as the students in Parmer’s Competitive Advantage & Strategy course received a number of top global rankings and honors.

Some 782 teams and 71 colleges/universities competed weekly over the 6-week event.

The students competed in teams to complete “decision rounds.” There were two decision rounds each week through Week 6. Each week, the best-performing GLO-BUS companies measured on 4 performance variables (Overall Score, EPS, ROE, and Stock Price) were honored.

In GLO-BUS, class members run companies as teams that compete for global market leadership in two product categories: (1) wearable video cameras that deliver stunning video quality and have powerful photo capture capabilities (comparable to those designed and marketed by global industry leader GoPro) and (2) sophisticated camera-equipped copter drones that incorporate a company designed and assembled action-capture camera and that are sold to commercial enterprises for prices in the $850 to $2,000+ range.

The format for the competition was an online/digital strategy simulation.

Southeastern students who ranked globally with their teams were Brad Aday, Ashley Blevins, Nicole Brewer, Prasanna Byrappa, Joseph Cameron, Damian Diaz Carrion, John Chavers, Daniel Christensen, Kevin Drake, Yolanda Duffey, Chloe Duncan, Elhassan Elhassan, Joel Ford, Audri Gleason , Kaleigh Hinkle , Jonathan Hoag Jami Hunt, Jaren Jackson, Jaye Jones, Jae Kwon, Son Lam, Nathalie Mbanya, Jaycee McLean, Laura McEwan, Autumn Murry, Haley Murray, Mackenzie Nickell, Francis Potter, Nathalie Mbanya, Jaycee McLean, Haley Murray, Heejin Oh, Jordan Regan, Denny Rindal, Zachary Roberts, Denise Roman, David Schelske, Nicbolas Singpradith, Shaina Smith, Lucas Taylor, Trenton Ward, Beatrix Wiley, Jace Wilkins, Darrien Williams, and Jin Yu