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Texoma Audubon Society established by Southeastern group banner

Texoma Audubon Society established by Southeastern group

August 5, 2021

A group of Southeastern Oklahoma State University professors and others with a mutual interest in birds has recently banded together to form the Texoma Audubon Society.

The Texoma chapter is the brainchild of Southeastern ornithologist and professor of biology Dr. Doug Wood, and Mr. Tony Goza, a local businessman and bird enthusiast. The Texoma Audubon Society is officially recognized by the National Audubon Society.

Some thirty people attended the group’s organizational meeting, with Southeastern well-represented by a number of faculty members. Dr. Wood serves as president, while Goza is vice president.  Board members with Southeastern ties include Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Teresa Golden, Dr. Jeri Walker, Professors Emeriti Dr. Bryon Clark and Dr. Margaret Avard, Dr. Mike Davis, Katy Davis, Dr. Randy Prus, and Stephanie Prus.

The Chapter’s mission is to educate local communities on issues related to bird conservation.  The Texoma  chapter  will collaborate with government agencies, such as the Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Texas and Oklahoma wildlife departments, as well as local schools and non-governmental groups.  Also planned are public presentations, workshops, and field trips.  With an emphasis on conservation, the chapter will also host events such as trash clean ups and habitat restoration.

Memberships fees are $30 annually, $10 for students. Anyone interested in joining is encouraged to visit https://texomaaudubon.org for more information.