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Southeastern pitches in to help with trash removal project banner

Southeastern pitches in to help with trash removal project

November 1, 2021

Wildlife Club students, faculty, staff, alumni, and retirees from Southeastern Oklahoma State University pitched in to assist in a Texoma Audubon Society Trash Removal effort Saturday.

Volunteers picked up trash along Red River City Road south of Cartwright, Oklahoma.  The litter was adjacent to a sensitive marsh and bottomland hardwood forest on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land.  Along with support from the Corps of Engineers, a haul-away trailer was filled with trash bags and tires after two hours of work.

“The amount of trash was staggering at this site,’’ said Doug Wood, SE Professor of Biological Sciences and President of the Texoma Audubon Society. “A lot of it was plastics, glass, tires, and chemical cans which are all directly or indirectly harmful to wildlife.”

Littering and trash dumping is illegal and harmful to wildlife and water sources.  The Texoma Audubon Society encourages local residents not to litter and convince others to keep our natural areas free of trash.

“It was fantastic seeing 14 members of the Southeastern community show up and provide a positive contribution towards conservation in our local natural area,’’ Wood said. “Everyone pitched in and it was nice seeing everyone have a good time while on a service project.’’