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Storm Against Drinking & Driving banner

Storm Against Drinking & Driving

March 9, 2022

Join the Student Athlete Advisory Committee in taking a stand against drinking and driving!


Wednesday, March 9 – 11:00am – 12:00pm

  • Clean-up of Main St./Radio RD and memorial site for the Four Boys
  • Collecting flower bouquet to donate to the memorial

Wednesday, March 9 – 7:00pm

Presentation from Sabrina Ford and DUI Awareness program (Wednesday 7:00pm Bloomer Arena after Springapoolza)

  • Sabrina Ford
  • DUI Stops with Me- Don Hyde Chief of Police
    • Hands on Activities
  • OL Kelly- Student conduct

T-Shirt Sale

T-Shirts will be on sale with proceeds going toward the “Pride of Four” scholarship fund which gives 2-3 scholarships to graduating Durant High School students.  Shirts will be on sale in the Student Union Atrium March 7-11 from 11:00am-12:00pm or you can contact Taylor Goar at tgoar@se.edu

Take the Pledge!

We encourage you to TAKE THE PLEDGE against drinking and driving by scanning the QR code below: