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Southeastern honors outstanding faculty and staff members

April 19, 2022

A number of individuals were honored Monday at Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s Faculty-Staff Recognition Celebration.

Both the Faculty Senate and Staff Senate presented awards in several categories. In addition, employees were recognized for years of service and retirees were honored.

A new recognition — the Distinguished Service to Southeastern Award — was presented posthumously to Dell McLain, who served as director of theatre at Southeastern for many years.

The new award criteria reads as follows:

“There are many outstanding people that serve alongside us daily. Some of them just have a way of making everyone around them better. We all know someone that makes a difference in the lives of others. Each year at this event, we will recognize those that have done that on our campus; faculty, staff or others.  The Distinguished Service Award will recognize those that have taken a special interest; those that have made a difference on our campus.  Each year, the Southeastern Foundation will direct $250 into a scholarship fund at the discretion of the honoree or their family.’’

Dr. Glenn Melancon, chair-professor of social sciences, was the recipient of the Faculty Senate’s Lifetime Achievement Award; Dr. Amy Madewell, psychology program coordinator/associate professor, was named Professor of the Year; and Shawn Ridenour was named Adjunct Professor of the Year.

The  Service to Students award, presented by the Staff Senate, went to  Rachel Toews, registrar.

The event was held in the Visual & Performing Arts Center.

Following is the list of award recipients:


Faculty Senate Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award – Dr. Glenn Melancon

Professor of the Year – Dr. Amy Madewell

Adjunct Professor of the Year – Shawn Ridenour


School of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Jennifer Lodine-Chaffey – Outstanding Research and Scholarship

Riley Coker – Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Doug Wood – Meritorious Service

Jory Wade – Excellence in Teaching

Matthew Sparacio – Meritorious Service

Dr. Jake Pruett – Outstanding Research and Scholarship


John Massey School of Business

Dr. Kitty Campbell – Meritorious Service

Dr. David Whitlock – Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Lawrence Silver – Outstanding Research and Scholarship


School of Education & Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Kathy McDonald – Meritorious Service

Dr. Chaehyun Lee – Outstanding Research and Scholarship

Dr. Katheryn Shannon – Excellence in Teaching


Staff Senate Awards

Storm Rookie of the Year:
Paula Downs, Secretary in Department of Music

Outstanding Non-Exempt Employee:
Kelly Hawthorne, Office Manager in Physical Plant

Outstanding Exempt Employee:
Durward Cook, Chief of Campus Police

Outstanding Outreach Employee:
Sheri Hundley, Coordinator of Academic Services at McAlester

Service to Students:
Rachel Toews, Registrar

Outstanding Staff Senate Member:
Shawn Ridenour, Assistant IT Director in Information Technology



(The following lists include retirees from 2019-2022, as those individuals from 2019-2021 were not recognized during an event due to the pandemic.)


Jannista Wood
Administrative Assistant to VP for Student Affairs
Years of Service:  33

Dr. Linda Bressler
Professor/John Massey Chair in Accounting
Years of Service:  5

Debra Roberts
Academic Advisor – Upward Bound Programs
Years of Service: 13+.

Robert Howard
Director of MBA/Instructor – John Massey School of Business
Years of Service:  12

Bobby Dan Simmons
Director of Physical Plant
Years of Service:  13

Terry Simmons
Technical Services Assistant – Library
Years of Service: 11+

Alan Davis
Aircraft Maintenance Quality Inspector
Years of Service: 25+

Dr. Randy Prus
Professor/Chair – English, Humanities & Languages
Years of Service:  31

Dr. Charla Hall
Professor – Psychology & Counseling
Years of Service:  24

Dr. Stanley Rice
Professor – Biological Sciences
Years of Service:  24

Dr. Brooks Flippen
Professor – Social Sciences
Years of Service:  27

Dr. William Fridley
Professor – Education Instruction & Leadership
Years of Service:  23



Dr. Jon K. Reid
Professor/Chair- Psychology & Counseling
Years of Service:  28

Dr. Martin Bressler
Endowed Chair John Massey School of Business
Years of Service: 10

Johnna Towne
Office Manager/Physical Plant
Years of Service: 22+

Barbara Echols
IETV Technician
Years of Service:  15+

Dr. Frances Daniel Althoff
Professor English, Humanities & Languages
Years of Service: 23

Michael Pruitt
Aviation Lead Mechanic
Years of Service: 24

Terry Miller
Supervisor of Custodian & Special Events Set Ups
Years of Service: 11+

Dr. Tim Boatmun
Vice President of Enrollment Management
Years of Service: 23


2019 – 2020

Corlyss Delashaw
Instructor – Social Sciences
Years of Service:  28

Dr. Wayne Jones
Director of Aviation & Occupational Safety/Professor
Years of Service:  22

Joe Ward
Landscaper – Grounds
Years of Service:  13+

Pamela Forster
Office Assistant for Academic Programs – Print Shop
Years of Service:  18+

Thomas Forester
Building Maintenance Technician – Custodial Services
Years of Service:  11+

Dr. Bryon Clark
Acting President
Years of Service:  39+

Dr. Mark Spencer
Professor – English, Humanities & Languages
Years of Service:  19

Dr. John Mischo
Professor – English, Humanities & Languages
Years of Service:  28

Dr. Stacy Weger (deceased)
Professor/Director of Choral Activities – Music
Years of Service:  19



Deborah Godwin
Academic Advisor – Education Opportunity Center
Years of Service:  25

Dr. Edward Mauzey
Chair/Professor School of Education and Leadership – Psychology & Counseling
Years of Service:  18

Tracey Claxton
Academic Counselor/Coordinator of Tutorial Services – Student Support Services
Years of Service:  27+

George Jacox
Assistant Professor/Chair Department of Flight/Co-Director of the Aviation Sciences Institute
Years of Service:   28+

Wesley Lovell
Director Southeastern Printing Services
Years of Service:  31

Dr. Patrick Reardon
Professor – Mathematics
Years of Service:  20

Dr. Loide Wasmund
Professor – Chemistry, Computer & Physical Sciences
Years of Service:  29