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Southeastern Aviation Flight Team competes in National Competition banner

Southeastern Aviation Flight Team competes in National Competition

May 18, 2022

The Southeastern Oklahoma State University Competitive Flight Team recently placed 13th in a national competition of the 28 largest University flight programs in the United States.

This highly competitive annual National Intercollegiate Flying Association’s (NIFA) 2022 SAFECON featured competitive events such as  precision navigation, aircraft recognition, accuracy landings, and simulation events with expert industry judges officiating the competition and scoring.  The event, hosted by the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, featured more than 500 competitors.

“I am exceptionally proud of our team, especially knowing this was the first national competition for the majority of the team, ” said Southeastern’s Chief Flight Instructor and team coach Kyle Thomas.

Southeastern will be hosting the regional competitions in October 2022 in Durant.

Following were the top finishers from Southeastern:

Top 10 finishes

  • Traditional Navigation    5th Place               Trey Bradshaw and Kyle Lyons

Top 20 finishes

  • Traditional Navigation    16thPlace               Justin Nichols and Joseph Roberts
  • Top Pilot                              14thPlace          Trey Bradshaw
  • Message Drop                   16thPlace            Danilynn Brown and Joseph Roberts
  • Power Off Landings         13thPlace             Justin Nichols
  • Short Field Landings        18thPlace             Mackenzie Kraus
  • CRM Loft                             20th Place        Mackenzie Kraus and Daniel Hair