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Research.com ranks SE as No. 2 Best Value College in Oklahoma, No. 10 in the South

October 20, 2023

In a recent ranking by Research.com, Southeastern Oklahoma State University has been ranked as the No. 2 “Best Value College in Oklahoma” and No. 10 “Best Value College in the South” for 2023-24.

Research.com’s rating system for “Best Value” uses annual tuition and fees, median alumni salary, acceptance rate, and average high school standardized test scores to calculate rankings for the nation, region, and state.

Click here for the Oklahoma rankings, where Southeastern ranks No. 2 in the state.

Click here for the South rankings, where Southeastern ranks No. 10 in the region.

Research.com is a leading, data-driven platform for scientists. It uses machine learning algorithms and big data analytics to provide the scientific community with up-to-date information on research publications, conferences, and journals, and to highlight the leading experts and institutions in all major fields of study.