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Southeastern contingent presents at Southwestern Psychological Association Conference

April 11, 2024

A group of eight representatives from Southeastern Oklahoma State University – four students and four faculty members – were presenters at the recent conference of the Southwestern Psychological Association (SWPA) in San Antonio, Texas.

Student presenters were psychology major Hunter Hightree, psychology research methods and sociology double major Cyndi Keeth, psychology major Jadyn McClure, and clinical psychology and sociology double major Emilie Thiry.

Faculty presenters were department chair and associate professor of behavioral sciences and psychology Dr. Jennifer Hicks, associate professor of behavioral sciences and psychology and psychology program coordinator Dr. Amy Madewell, associate professor of management and marketing Dr. Shanker Menon, and associate professor of behavioral sciences Dr. Lakshmi Narayanan.

The Southeastern group presented on six topics:
• Job Crafting: How can work be more meaningful? – Drs. Menon and Narayanan
• Job Crafting to Course Crafting: Increasing engagement and performance – Drs. Menon and Narayanan
• Poster – Cultural Intelligence: A generational study of the Native American Culture – Drs. Narayanan and Dr. Hicks
• Strategies to Support Diverse University Students and Minimize the Post-Pandemic Learning Gap – Cyndi Keeth, Drs. Madewell and Narayanan
• Post-pandemic Reintegration of Introverted versus Extroverted Undergraduate College Students – Hunter Hightree and Cyndi Keeth
• Effects of Parenting Style on College Adjustment – Jadyn McClure and Emilie Thiry

SWPA works to promote and strengthen psychology’s scientific, professional and educational facets. SWPA offers paper, poster, continuing education sessions, workshops, symposia, and invited talks. SWPA provides access to scientific advances and professional development within a collegial atmosphere.