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Constitution and Bylaws


Southeastern Oklahoma State University depends on the efficiency and commitment of non-faculty employees. Commitment comes from meaningful involvement and participation in the policies of the University. The purpose of the Southeastern Staff Association is to enable non-faculty employees to participate effectively in the achievement of the goals of Southeastern Oklahoma State University.


The name of this association shall be Southeastern Staff Association, here after referred to as SSA.


The functions of the SSA shall be: • To enhance and enrich a professional relationship between staff and other university personnel in order to achieve the mission and goals of Southeastern Oklahoma State University. • To provide a forum for the expression of concerns and ideas and to provide a means of communication among the staff members of Southeastern Oklahoma State University. • To respond to changes in technology, policy, federal and state regulations, economics, and demographics by promoting staff training and development that will mutually benefit the individual member as well as the institution.


Members of the SSA shall consist of those non-faculty employees who are not classified as assistant vice president or above.
Section 1. Categories: There shall be three job groups of membership: 1) Professional, 2) Secretarial/Clerical, 3) Service.
Section 2. Representatives: Two representatives will be selected from each membership category and placed on a slate with the officers. This slate will be presented by the nominating committee. These representatives will serve on the Executive Council.
Representatives shall be elected in May for the upcoming fiscal year. All eligible members are invited to attend the monthly SSA meetings. SSA Bylaws – Drafted May 1999; Revised May 2002; Revised April 2008
Section 3. Alternate Representatives: An alternate representative shall be appointed to represent his/her job group and shall be able to vote in the event an elected representative vacates a designated position as a representative.
Section 4. Vacancies: Any vacancy occurring in designated Representative group before the end of the elected term will be filled by an alternate. position.


Section 1. Elected Officers: The elected officers of the SSA shall be President, President-elect, Secretary, and Treasurer to serve a term of one year from July 1 through June 30. The elected officers shall compose the Executive Council along with two representatives from the membership categories. No officer may be elected for more than two consecutive terms per office. The Human Resources Director shall serve as advisor to the executive committee and to the SSA membership.
Section 2. Election Process: The officers shall be elected as follows: A nominating committee shall be selected from SSA membership. The immediate Past-president shall preside over the nominating committee and will select two members from each of the three job groups listed in Article III of this constitution. The committee will petition the members of the SSA in writing for suggestions/volunteers. All petitions must be returned no later than one week before the spring meeting. The nominating committee will contact each suggested candidate to verify if s/he is able to serve. The election will be held at the regular meeting in May. The committee will provide a ballot for the slate of officers for each member present. Election of officers shall be by majority vote of members present.
Section 3. Officer Duties: The duties of each officer are as follows:

The President shall preside over the meetings of the SSA Membership meetings and the Executive Council. . The President shall have the authority to appoint ad hoc committees and is responsible for submitting a summary of each committee’s activities to the University President. The President shall issue a notice of all meetings seven working days prior to the next meeting. The President shall also be responsible for keeping the university community informed of activities of the SSA.

The President-elect shall preside over all SSA meetings in the absence of the President. If the President cannot continue in office, the President-elect shall assume the responsibilities and duties of the office. The Vice-President shall serve as an advisor for the Personnel Policies and Procedures committee.

The Secretary shall take and maintain the minutes of all SSA meetings; shall maintain all other records pertinent to the business of the SSA; and shall act as an advisor and/or chair for the Hospitality committee. SSA Bylaws – Drafted May 1999; Revised May 2002; Revised April 2008

The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining records of monetary collections and expenditures, provide a written financial report at regular meetings of members of the SSA, and an annual written report at the end of the fiscal year at the executive meeting, which will be held in June. All expenditures shall be voted on by the Executive Council and signed by both the SSA Treasurer and the SSA President. The Treasurer shall serve as the advisor and/or chair for the Recognition Budget Committee.

The immediate Past President shall serve as chair of the Nominating and Recognition Committee as a member of the executive council and shall serve as Historian for the SSA. The Historian shall maintain a binder with copies of the SSA newsletters, approved minutes, and any news articles pertaining to the SSA. The immediate Past President shall assist with the structuring of the amendments and bylaws as deemed necessary by two-thirds vote of the SSA.

Section 4. Executive Council: The President shall preside over the Executive Council, which shall consist of elected officers, the past president, staff representatives, and the chairman of each standing committee. The Executive Council shall meet once each month at least one week before the regular monthly meetings of the SSA membership meetings The Executive Council shall prepare an agenda for each meeting and oversee the activities of each committee. Any member may, in writing, bring appropriate announcements and/or concerns before the Executive Council to be placed on the agenda for that month. The item must be on the agenda if action is to be taken at that meeting.

Section 5. Absences: Three consecutive absences of elected officers from regularly scheduled Executive Council meetings of the SSA may cause the seat to be declared vacant by the President of the SSA. If the officer so requests, s/he may be reinstated to his/her vacated seat by a three-fourths vote of the SSA Executive Council. The request must be made in writing within two weeks of the declaration of vacancy, and the vote will take place at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Executive Council. If the Executive Council does not sustain the request for reinstatement, the seat shall be filled in accordance with Section 2 of this Article.


• The Executive Council shall hold a maximum of twelve meetings per fiscal year.
• The SSA membership shall hold a maximum of ten meetings per fiscal year.
• SSA will host one annual meeting during the fall semester and one during spring semester. SSA Bylaws – Drafted May 1999; Revised May 2002; Revised April 2008


Committee members shall be selected from members of the SSA. Committee chairs shall be selected from committee members. Appointments to committees shall be made by the Executive Council from a list of volunteers.
Section 1. Standing Committees The following shall be standing SSA committees:
• Nominating and Recognition Committee: The Nominating and Recognition Committee will organize and administer all annual SSA officer and representative elections, and will administer the nomination and selection process for the annual SSA Outstanding Service Awards. The immediate Past President (Historian) will act as an advisor and/or chair to the committee, consisting of one representative from each job group.
• Personnel Policies and procedures Committee: The Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee will review current and proposed fringe benefits and personnel policies, and make recommendations for proposed changes as they affect staff employees. This committee will also keep the website updated as needed with announcements, meeting dates, and any necessary changes to the documents. The Vice-President will act as an advisor and/or chair to the committee.
• Hospitality Committee: The Hospitality Committee will host and arrange the two general meetings in the fall and spring semester. The Secretary will also retain newsletter editor, who will be responsible for producing and distributing one SSA newsletter in the fall semester and one in the spring semester. The Secretary will act as an advisor and/or chair to the committee.
• Budget Committee: The Budget Committee Chair shall advise the President on general budgetary matters. Periodically, this committee will communicate with the staff regarding the status of the budget, and shall attempt to establish a consensus on funding needs and priorities of the staff. This committee will also review any changes proposed in our campus benefit plan. The Treasurer will act as an advisor and/or chair to the committee.
Section 2. Ad Hoc Committees Ad Hoc Committees shall be appointed as needed by the SSA President.


Section 1. The SSA shall be the sole judge of its own rules and bylaws.
Section 2. Ratification or amendment of the bylaws shall be accomplished by the vote of two-thirds of the members of the SSA. Section 3. Robert’s Rules of Order, latest edition, shall govern the meetings of the SSA. SSA Bylaws – Drafted May 1999; Revised May 2002; Revised April 2008