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Program Review Rotation Schedule

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Art, Communication, & Theatre

    • Art (2022)
    • Communication (2022)
    • Theatre (2022)
    • Master of Science – Native American Leadership (2022)

Aviation Sciences Institute

    • Aviation Management (2023)
    • Master of Science – Aerospace Administration and Logistics (2023)

Behavioral Sciences

    • Criminal Justice (2022)
    • Psychology (2022)
    • Sociology (2022)
    • Early Intervention and Child Development (2022)
    • Master of Early Intervention and Child Development (2024)

Biological Sciences

    • Biology (2022)
    • Fisheries and Wildlife Science (2022)
    • Master of Technology – Biology (2022)

Chemistry, Computer, and Physical Sciences

    • Chemistry (2022)
    • Computer Information Systems (2022)
    • Computer Science (2022)

English, Humanities, & Languages

    • English (2022)
    • English with Writing Emphasis
    • Liberal and Applied Studies (2022)


    • Health & Human Performance (2026)
    • Recreation Sports Management (2022)
    • Master of Science – Sports Administration (2022)


    • Mathematics (2022)

Occupational Safety and Health

    • Occupational Safety and Health (2022)
    • Master of Science – Occupational Safety and Health (2022)

Social Sciences

    • History (2023)
    • Political Science (2023)

Programs not listed in this schedule have specialty accreditations, per OSRHE Academic Policy 3.7.4 Academic Program Review, which provides an institution the ability to use the specialty accreditation process in lieu of the Program Review process used for programs without specialty accreditation. The ORPRC will not be directly involved in the specialty accreditation process; it is not reasonable for committee members to have a thorough understanding of the all the standards and requirements for each type of specialty accreditation. Therefore, the documentation and reports submitted by SE as part of the reaffirmation process and the reports and declarations prepared by the specialty accreditation body, will be reviewed by the Department Chair and VPAA so that the recommendations can be integrated into SE’s priorities. The Department Chair and VPAA will involve other entities on campus (e.g., other department chairs, Academic Council, Graduate Council, Teacher Education Council, ORPRC, Curriculum Committee, Graduate Dean, other Vice Presidents, and President) to help ensure that the needed resources are allocated to address the recommendations for improvement identified during specialty accreditation processes.