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Standing Committees

To be an effective organization, staff members should be involved in the activities of the SSA. One way to do this is to serve on a SSA committee. On this page, the different committees are listed with brief summaries of their responsibilities and areas of concern.

Now is the perfect opportunity to be involved in the SSA!

Budget Committee

  • Advises University VP’s and President on general budgetary matters as they relate to staff
  • Periodically communicates with the staff regarding the status of the budget
  • Attempts to establish a consensus on the funding needs and priorities of the staff
  • Review any changes proposed in our campus benefit plan
    Advisor: Treasurer


Hospitality Committee

  • Responsible for keeping the University community informed of the activities of the SSA
  • Appoints a newsletter editor who will be responsible for producing and distributing one SSA newsletter in the fall and spring semesters
  • Responsible for coordinating the two general meetings (Fall Fun Day and Spring Elections)
  • Advisor: Secretary


Nominating and Recognition Committee

  • Organizes and administers all annual SSA elections
  • Administers the nomination and selection process for the annual Staff Recognition Awards
  • Reviews and updates policy regarding Staff Recognition Awards
  • Membership for this committee consists of one representative from each job group
  • Advisor: Past President


Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee

  • Reviews current personnel policies
  • Makes recommendations for proposed changes as they affect staff employees
  • Updates website with meeting dates, announcements, and necessary changes to documents
  • Advisor: President


Staff Development Committee

  • Aids University in the development and promotion of opportunities for improvement of qualifications of members
  • Advisor: President-Elect


Ad-Hoc Committees

Ad-hoc committees are added as needed by the Executive Council when specific concerns are identified. These committees end with the resolution of its specific concern or need.


Fund Raising Committee

  • Increase awareness of SSA
  • Promote current opportunities for staff and others to give financially to the SSA
  • Develop new fund raising initiatives


Leave Policy Committee

  • Solicit feedback from the staff regarding the leave policy
  • Relate the staff’s concerns with the leave policy to Administration
  • Keep the staff informed of possible changes to the leave policy