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Advising & Enrollment

Step 1: Sign in to your SE email.

Go to my.se.edu to sign in. This will activate all of your SE accounts. Important information goes to your SE email account, so check your student email at least once per day!

New students – Your admissions acceptance letter will give you your username and password.

Current students – Use your current username and password to sign in to your SE email.

Need help? If you are having trouble signing in, please contact the Help Desk at 580.745.2408 or it@se.edu.

Step 2: Schedule an appointment with your Advisor.

All students have an assigned advisor. You must meet with your assigned advisor prior to registration. Follow the information below to identify your advisor and schedule an appointment.

Don’t know your advisor? Visit your Colleague Self-Service to find their name! If you can’t find it, fill out this FORM to have the information sent to you.

Know your advisor? Scroll down to the Advisor Contact Information section below and either reach out to your advisor to make an appointment or schedule an appointment online.

Take courses at an extension campus? Scroll down to the Advisor Contact Information section and schedule an appointment online with your specific extension campus advisor.

Step 2.5: Take your placement test(s) – if required.

New students may be required to take a placement test before registering for classes. Check your admissions letter to determine if you need to take a placement test(s). If you are required to take a placement test, follow the steps provided in the pdf below to take the test from home.

Take a Placement Test

Step 3: Find your degree plan.

Your degree plan is the list of classes you will take to graduate. When you meet with your Advisor, they will want to know what courses you would like to take. They will work with you to decide the courses that are best for you this semester. You can find the degree plans HERE.

Don’t know what you want to major in or what courses to take? That’s ok. Your Advisor will work with you to find a few possible major options and get you started taking your general education courses. You can also take assessment tests to determine which major is right for you.

Exploring Majors & Careers Resources

Step 4: Meet with your Advisor.

Your Advisor will help you choose your courses and answer questions you have about Southeastern. In your advising appointment, you will work together to plan your semester and learn how to use Colleague Self-Service.

Step 5: Register for courses.

Your Advisor will guide you through registration for your courses. At the end of your advisement session, your Advisor will guide you through using Colleague Self-Service to officially register your courses. Follow the steps provided in the video and pdf below to learn how to use the “Register for Classes” feature.

Plan & Register for Classes Video

Plan & Register for Classes PDF

You can also contact advising@se.edu to schedule additional one-on-one help registering for courses after you have met with your Advisor.

Step 6: Verify your official schedule.

Access your official schedule in print view. You can have classes on your “plan” that you are not registered for. Confused? The easiest way to know which courses you are registered for is to ‘print’ your schedule. Clicking print will open your schedule in a new window that allows you to print or take a screenshot. The pdf below will show you step by step how to print your schedule in Colleague Self-Service.

How to Print Your Schedule and Verify Your Registration


View the links or contact us if you have any questions or problems. The Center for Student Success can be reached at 580.745.2370 or advising@se.edu. We will help you find answers to problems you are running into.

Resolve Common Registration Questions

Advisor Contact Information

Durant Campus General Advisors - Click to Expand Open Close

Freshmen and sophomores will receive advising through the Center for Student Success.

Susan Hodson
Academic & Business Services Advisor
Make an appointment with Susan

Sheryl Hundley
Coordinator of Academic Services- Online and McAlester Students
Make an appointment with Sheryl

Lori Kennedy
Make an appointment with Lori

Baily Smith
Academic Advisor
Online & Distance Advising Center

Make an appointment with Baily

James Sutton
Native American Institute Coordinator/Adjunct Instructor
Native American Institute
Make an appointment with James

Tonya Tollett
Academic Advisor
Online & Distance Advising Center

Make an appointment with Tonya

Theresa Trayler
Academic Advisor/Academic Support Specialist
Make an appointment with Theresa

Tracy Tuck
Academic Advisor
Make an appointment with Tracy

Durant Campus Faculty Advisors - Click to Expand Open Close

Find your major and contact the adviser for an appointment.


Art Education

Art Studio




  • A-F: Dr. Srimal Garusinghe
  • G-L: Dr. Steve McKim
  • M-R: Dr. Nancy Paiva
  • S-Z: Dr. Tim Smith
  • Chemistry Biochemical Technology – Dr. Nancy Paiva, 580-745-2324, npaiva@se.edu

Choctaw Language


  • Dr. Shannon McCraw, 580.745.2252, smccraw@se.edu
  • Organizational and Strategic Communication – Dr. Randy Clark, 580.745.2556, frclark@se.edu

English Education

Computer Information Systems

Computer Science

Criminal Justice

Early Childhood Education 

  • Maribeth Nottingham: 580-745-2363; mnottingham@se.edu

Early Intervention & Child Development

Elementary Education


  • A-M: Bela (Steve) Csaki: 580-745-2921; bcsaki@se.edu
  • N-Z: Dr. Wilma Shires: 580-745-2346; wshires@se.edu

English Education

  • Janet Barker: 580-745-2586; jbarker@se.edu
  • Rolando Diaz: 580-745-2380; rdiaz@se.edu

English with a Writing Emphasis

  • Margaret Cotter-Lynch: 580-745-2986; mcotter@se.edu
  • Wilma Shires: 580-745-2346; wshires@se.edu


  • Last Name A-H
    Mr. Frank Xu, 580.745.3225, hxu@se.edu
  • Last Name I-Z
    Dr. Ying-Chou Lin, 580.745.2152, ylin@se.edu

Fisheries & Wildlife

General Business

Graphic Design


Hospitality Management


  • Dr. Kay Daigle, 580.745.2482, kdaigle@se.edu
  • Dr. Michael Reed, 580.745.2476, mreed@se.edu
  • Health & Physical Education: Dr. Kay Daigle, 580.745.2482, kdaigle@se.edu
  • Health & Human Performance (major &/or minor):
    Dr. Michael Reed, 580.745.2476, mreed@se.edu
  • Recreational Sports Management: Dr. Kay Daigle, 580.745.2482, kdaigle@se.edu
  • Kinesiology Minors: Dr. Kay Daigle, 580.745.2482, kdaigle@se.edu

Liberal & Applied Studies

  • < 50 hours: Susan Hodson
  • > 50 Jeni Maple, 580-745-2210, jmaple@se.edu




Mathematics Education

Music (BA)

Music Education (BME)

Music Performance (BM)

Music Minor

Occupational Safety and Health

Political Science

  • Dr. Sondra Petty: 580-745-2336; spetty@se.edu
  • Connor Alford: 580-745-2676; calford@se.edu


Pre-Dental Hygiene






Pre-Physical Therapy

  • Ning Wu: 580-745-2564; nwu@se.edu

Pre-Physician’s Assistant

  • Diane Dixon: 580-745-2024; ddixon@se.edu


  • A-M: Dr. Diane Dixon: 580-745-2024; ddixon@se.edu
  • N-Z: Dr. Steve McKim, 580.745.2648, smckim@se.edu



Science Education

  • Dr. Caleb Smith, 580.745.2242, cmsmith@se.edu


  • Dr. James Knapp, 580.745.2016, jknapp@se.edu

Social Studies Education

  • Stephanie Heald: 580-745-2036; sheald@se.edu


  • Ronaldo Diaz: 580-745-2380; rdiaz@se.edu


Ardmore Campus - Click to Expand Open Close

Andrea Bryant (all majors)
Coordinator of Academic Services – Ardmore
Make an appointment with Andrea

Grayson Campus - Click to Expand Open Close

Michelle Burton
Coordinator of Academic Services – Grayson College
Make an appointment with Michelle 

McAlester Campus - Click to Expand Open Close

Sheryl Hundley
Coordinator of Academic Services – McAlester
Make an appointment with Sheryl


McCurtain Campus - Click to Expand Open Close

Dr. Barbara McClanahan
Advises Elementary Education majors with 60+ hours

Kendra Gross

Contact the Advising Center at advising@se.edu or 580-745-2370, or visit the Center for Student Success.